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Privacy Policy

Personal Information
Your privacy is important. We collect basic personal information when you fill out the contact forms or subscribe to our newsletter. This information is used to contact you about the services on our site for which you have expressed interest or reply to a query. Such personal information is stored on our computers and is accessed by authorized personnel only. If you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we ask for the e-mail address only; no other information is required.
No cookies are used on our site.
When ordering a product from us, the purchaser's name, e-mail address, mailing address, credit card number, and expiration date are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layers) and passed through to the credit card processing company. This is necessary for processing and fulfilling orders and providing notification of the order status. If you don't wish to disclose your credit card number, feel free to order by mail using a check.
The software distributed on our site doesn't collect any personal information or send any information to our servers. Any outbound network connections made by our software are made for the sole purpose of performing documented tasks, such as contacting your DNS servers for resolving hostnames or Whois databases for obtaining necessary records. We don't and never will distribute spyware. We encourage you to download our software directly from our site to avoid potential security risks, such as downloading infected software.
Adware Policy
We don't embed advertising (adware) in any of our software, for two principal reasons. First, adware can be used to monitor your use of software (such as sites selected or files used) or to provide demographic data about you to third parties. Second, we consider it very important not to compromise the quality, speed, and ease of use of our software by displaying ads in it.
Legal Stuff
This site operates AS IS and as available. Any warranties of accuracy, quality, title, fitness or merchantability are disclaimed. We are not liable for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, or for events beyond our direct control.
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