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Network Diagnostics

How many times have you tried accessing a popular Web site only to find that it takes forever and a day just to load the front page? The only thing more frustrating than waiting is not knowing whether the delay you are experiencing is a result of the site itself, the Internet in general, your provider, or your own computer. NetInfo analyzes your connection and various aspects of the 'Net in order to isolate potential pitfalls and bottlenecks. If you've ever wondered what's going on “under the hood” of your connection, grab NetInfo and find out. Just push a button on your Windows interface and all the tricks of your favorite sysadmin are right in front of you. Suddenly, a myriad of imperative tasks and analysis are within your control like never before.
If your website, a client's site, a mail server or some other Internet point is having trouble, you can use NetInfo to determine where the failure is, in just moments. If the problem lies beyond your realm of control and you don't know who to contact about it, NetInfo will give you a name, e-mail address and phone number. Analyze the problem, solve it. You've never been in as much control of your and your clients' Internet experience as when you own NetInfo.

Have you ever wondered who's behind a domain name? If a server is up? Or would you like to retrieve and debug an HTML for a specific page on the Web? Or as a power web user do you often require the other tools in NetInfo?

Whether you're wanting to snoop as an individual on a regular Internet Service Provider (ISP) or you need to view information on a network host or Intranet, NetInfo is the Internet tool collection you'll want to get.
Using NetInfo
The power user can use NetInfo to perform queries with fifteen different, yet integrated, tools for the Internet or for an Intranet. It's the easiest and fastest way for those who have a need to know as well as the curious home user.

Though the average home user will not need or even use some of the tools, this program is something to have on any system for those times you do need one of the tools and wish to save valuable time. Why search the Internet for hours on end when NetInfo allows you to get the information you want and display it after only a couple of seconds.

Each module in this integrated set of Internet tools is a superbly fast and visual aid to any user of the Internet, and Intranet, or a home network center.
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