In very simple terms, network management solutions refers to the planning, maintenance, and security of the network.

It also includes surveillance of the tools and operations that are connected with the running of the network. The network management solutions are used as a part of the network management strategy and are designed to help in the proper functioning of your network.

They ensure that the problems in your network are detected in a timely manner, preferably before it does any harm to your system. Network management solutions also involve modifying or configuring the network, so that certain additional features can be incorporated within the network system. They also involve maintenance of the network, which includes task like repairing of the faulty routers, and a general monitoring of the various parts of the network. Network management solutions are also useful for monitoring the accounting and the performance factors of the network.

If you need to sum up the various network management solutions that you can use, you can use the acronym FCAPS. The ‘F’ stands for fault function. This means that this network management solution would detect any problems in your network and would try to rectify that before it takes a potentially dangerous turn. Most network management solutions operate automatically in these situations. They have an efficient alert system that can detect any error at the circuit level or any problem with the router or the server, instantly as it happens. Once the problem is detected, you can take the help of the support technician if the network fails to update or rectify automatically.

Another important network management solution is the one that performs the function of configuration (‘C’ in FCAPS). The network needs to be configured from time to time, so that it can adjust to the new load. It is also important to check the compatibility of the software and the hardware operating within your network in frequent succession and find out whether they require any change in case additional facilities are added. Some network management solutions also have accounting functions (‘A’ in FCAPS). that involve checking of the services related to the billing purpose.

Certain network management solutions are also used to monitor the performance factor (‘P’ in FCAPS). of the network. This includes a regular surveillance on the general functioning of the network and the usage of the network resources. It also includes checking for updates and features that might maintain and enhance the efficiency of the network. There are network management solutions that are specially used for device maintenance, and the technologies used for that are SNMP, Java Management Extensions, CORBA etc. Some network management solutions are also used to provide security (‘S’ in FCAPS). to the network. This is very useful as it helps to maintain the confidentiality of your database, even as it monitors the documents, files, applications, websites, chats and emails that are used in your network.

These are various network management solutions that are often clubbed together by the network management tools and come together as a complete package. The facilities that they offer are treated as different components of network management. Various network management solutions have special functions like the ones that are used specially in the medical sector. Thus, network monitoring solutions are needed to improve the efficiency, adaptability and the productivity of your system. That’s why using them has become an essential part of the contemporary IT infrastructure.