Network Management Programs – for efficient networks

The International Standardization Organization (ISO) has defined five key-cores for the efficient functioning and management of computer networks and software. The purpose behind the recommendation of these five areas is to build a model structure to enhance the effectiveness of the currently used management tools & practices.
The efficient management of computer networks & software demands efficient functioning of the management tools and practices. Hence, the organization has also designed specific guidelines to implement the network management tools & technologies in future. Following are the five functional areas of the network management models designed by ISO.
  1. Fault Management – Whenever any fault is encountered in the network; it must be detected, isolated, notified and corrected.
  2. Configuration Management – Network Devices and their configuration aspect including software management, inventory management & configuration file management.
  3. Performance Management – Monitoring as well as measuring diverse aspects of performance for the proper maintenance of overall performance up to an acceptable level.
  4. Security Management – Access provision to corporate resources & network devices to authorized individuals.
  5. Accounting Management – Network resources information and their usage.
Network Management involves diverse things for different individuals. Several times, it comprises a solitary network consultant to monitor the network activity by means of an outdated protocol analyzer. On other hand, network management comprises a distributed database, automatic polling of network devices along with expensive and high quality workstations that generate the real-time graphical views of the changes and traffic in the network topology.

Generally, the services of network management programs involve a wide range of applications, tools and devices for assisting human network managers for the efficient handling, monitoring and maintenance of networks. Hence, the network management tools and applications are quite significant, especially in the current hi-tech scenario.

Numerous products are there, which support some or even all of the above areas of network management. All of those network management systems have a common interface that is the usage of their protocols Common Management Information Protocol (CMIP), SNMPv3 and Simple Network Management Protocols (SNMP). A variety of network management tools are available here ranging from NMS of Intuit to Tivoli of IBM & Helix of Fidelia. The network management system involves the excellent tools to manage your software to manage your work efficiently.

How important Network Management Tools are?

Almost all organizations depend upon their network for their work. The status of the networks is the main pillar of all businesses and for the growth of all business concerns network management tools play a significant role. One can even get acquaintance with the strength of the network management programs for the businesses fully rely on their networks can’t even go down for few minutes. Otherwise, they will loose tones of money in sales along with losing a bit confidence of their customers that will surely affect the worth of their stock. The continuous monitoring of the system should be done after the counting of every second of network time. The utilization of automated network management tools involves the most cost effective feature to do this.

Plans for a Network Management System

Efficient and effective planning for a network management system demands the folding of numerous network management tasks in a single software solution. The processes asset lifecycle management, cost allocation and invoice processing, expense management auditing & inventory deployment tracking should essentially be automated through the network management system.
An efficient Network Management System could bring enormous facilitations to a business, not only with its cost effectiveness, but also in terms of quality with the help of fabulous network management tools.